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4-Year-Old in Texas Attacked by Pet Mountain Lion

It is my opinion that a West Odessa, Texas, family, whose “pet” mountain lion mauled a child, should be euthanized, after which their heads should be examined for evidence of humanity and sent to me for shrinking.

A KWES (Texas) report tells us: “Authorities say a 4-year-old child wandered too close to a mountain lion that was being held in a cage. The child was attacked through the cage and suffered cuts and lacerations to the left side of his face.”

“The owner of the animal was given a ticket for not having up to date shot records for the animal, but no charges will be filed,” according to the KWES report.

The mountain lion, I’m sad but not surprised to tell you, was executed.

Texas’ Health and Safety Code — like the Ohio Administrative Code that enabled the now-deceased Terry Thompson to imprison “nondomestic animals” before ensuring their brutal deaths earlier this week — allows residents to keep “dangerous wild animals” as pets.

The now-deceased mountain lion, whom the Couch family had named Ringo, according to a KOSA-TV (Texas) report, suffered terribly in his final moments.

From that KOSA-TV report: “Although (the family) would not talk on camera, they did post several comments on our CBS 7 facebook page. Sara Couch, who claims to be the boy’s Aunt, writes: ‘The little boy’s uncle did everything he could. He hit the mountain lion with an ax, a water hose … nothing would work. No one had a gun so the animal was destroying the little boy up. Finally, my husband punched the cat so hard it knocked him out and got the boy free.'”

It is unfortunate — if the KWES report is accurate — that “the child was attacked through the cage.” The mountain lion’s execution would be ever-so-slightly easier to stomach had the animal been unconfined and able to fatally maul everyone in the vicinity.

Since the tortured creature was forced to endure imprisonment and a brutal death, it seems entirely reasonable to believe that the entire Couch family should be euthanized.

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