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Category Archives: Elephant in the Room

Elephant Brutally Executed for Daring to Behave Like an Elephant

The South African Press Association is reporting that “several people have reacted with outrage at the Kruger National Park’s decision to kill an aggressive elephant bull that attacked a couple on Monday.” Add me to the list of those who are infuriated by park officials’ vengeful behavior. The gist of the story is that a […]

Hunter Kills Elephant, Believes He’s an Altruist

One man’s human-interest story is another man’s monster tale. An article in the June 8 edition of the Saturday Gazette-Mail (Charleston, West Virginia) would like us to believe that a loathsome thug named Frank Beller, who traveled from West Virginia to Namibia to brutally slaughter a so-called “food elephant,” is some sort of hero. The […]

A Fix for My Schadenfreude Jones

Man critical after being bitten by venomous pet snake: Imagine my excitement when I read the headline: “Man Dies After Bite By Pet Snake.” Now imagine the disappointment I felt upon learning that the headline was premature. I remember it like it was yesterday — primarily because it was. No sooner did I see […]

Don’t Blame the Elephant in the Room

The first thing I would do upon hearing a commotion outside my house is look out the window. Fifty-five-year-old Renuka Prasad chose to run into the street and was gored to death by an agitated elephant. In her CNN-IBN video report, correspondent Deepa Balakrishnan tells us: “Four jumbos that are said to have entered the […]