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Category Archives: Vegan Viewpoint

Joni Ernst: Castrating Pigs and Selling Savagery in Iowa

Joni Ernst would like us to believe that she’s qualified to serve in the U.S. Senate because she has a lot of experience mutilating animals. Ernst is one of five Republican candidates vying to run for the seat Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin will vacate when he retires at the end of his current term. And […]

The Relative Humorlessness of Veganism: A Nonjudgmental Lament

I was fretting over an essay I’m working on called “The Relative Humorlessness of Veganism: A Nonjudgmental Lament” when the red phone rang. It was my good friend Monty Gelstein, calling, quite coincidentally and unwittingly, to provide a case study. It was also an opportunity for me to amuse myself. “So, I’m at this mostly […]

Call Them “Objects” or “Sentient Beings,” They Still Bleed When Their Throats Are Cut

French President François Hollande has balked at the idea that farm animals should be recognized by law as “sentient beings.” According to Hollande, the legal status quo, in which animals are recognized as “objects,” has enough meat on its bones (if you’ll excuse the uncomfortable irony) “to make sure animals do not suffer unduly in abattoirs,” […]

Cow Killed After Slaughterhouse Escape, Or, Prisoner Executed Following Death-Camp Breakout

A prisoner hell-bent on securing her freedom was executed last week after breaking out of a Mexican death camp. As the Yuma Sun (Yuma, Ariz.) reported, the inmate jumped a fence at the city-run extermination camp in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico, and killed a local man, before law-enforcement officials gunned her down. In the […]

There’s More Than One Way to Butcher a Fur Trapper — A Note on Language

I have no use for Ernest Hemingway. The last time I tried to understand why so many people admire the desperately macho bastard’s writing, I picked up a short-story collection and began reading The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber. “Fuck Hemingway,” I said, upon suffering through the author’s all-too enthusiastic description of a lion’s […]

Thus Spoke an “Excommunicated” Vegan — A Thanksgiving Lament

In December 2002, Vegan Society chair George D. Rodger asked the organization’s founder, Donald Watson, “What do you find most difficult about being vegan?” to which Watson replied, “Well, I suppose it is the social aspect. Excommunicating myself from that part of life where people meet to eat.” That exchange can be found in a […]