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Child “Savaged” in Tiger Attack at Zoo in Russia

Reports of a child being “attacked” by a captive tiger have me feeling deeply concerned for the well-being of the cat.

A report in yesterday’s edition of the Daily Mail tells us: “A three-year-old boy was fighting for life last night after being savaged by a tiger at a travelling zoo in Russia. The young child, known only as Timofei, had been standing by a makeshift fence at the zoo in Blagoveshchensk, eastern Russia so his parents could photograph him with the rare Amur big cat. But as the youngster stood by the fence, he was clawed in the head by the tiger, as children and parents looked on in horror.”

“Horror” is a word that should be reserved for descriptions of the brutal conditions in which this particular tiger and countless other animals are forced to live their lives.

“The tiger’s trainer,” the Daily Mail report explains, “had brought the animal out of its cage to pose for the photograph.”

The Daily Mail story also tells us: “Wild animals regularly attack spectators at zoos and circuses in Russia and the ex-Soviet Union, which are frequently run-down and unsafe. … Travelling zoos have been criticised for forcing vodka into wild animals to subdue them so children can pose with them for photographs.

Imagine how shocked and sickened the masses would be to learn that Timofei had been let out of his cage to “pose for (a) photograph” with a tiger. Imagine how outraged the masses would be to learn of children “in Russia and the ex-Soviet Union” being held captive, in traveling concentration camps, by torturous opportunists who “subdue them” with drugs and alcohol so wild animals “can pose with them for photographs.”

I’ll leave it for others to feel sympathy for Timofei’s family. My sympathy belongs to the tiger and all the other animals who spend their lives in human-run concentration camps.

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