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Connecticut Officials Execute Bear Leaving Cubs Motherless

Steve Maslowski/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Steve Maslowski/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

In their infinite wisdom (insert sarcasm here), officials — or should I call them cowboys? — at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection executed a black bear who dared to behave like a black bear on private property, leaving her cubs motherless.

According to a news release issued on May 29 by the execution squad, the female bear “had chased a dog and attempted to follow it into a West Hartford home.” The homeowner “received a puncture wound and several scratches from the bear on her lower right leg,” for which she received treatment, and the dog escaped the incident without injury.

Despite the fact that “the bear and the cubs then fled the yard and ran up a tree in an adjacent yard,” according to the above-mentioned news release, the bastards at the DEEP took punitive action and slew the offending beast for her unacceptable transgression.

Naturally, the DEEP spun it this way (in its news release): “The bears were tranquilized and taken to DEEP’s Session Woods Wildlife Management Area where the sow was euthanized … The yearlings were evaluated and deemed to be old enough to survive on their own and will be released into another area.”

In an effort to put area residents’ minds at ease, the DEEP pointed out that “black bears are rarely aggressive towards humans and attacks are exceedingly rare.”

What DEEP officials — or should I call them jackbooted thugs? — are telling us, implicitly, is that any bear who is determined by agency goons to have acted aggressively toward a human will be sentenced — unilaterally, of course — to death. In other words, if a bear isn’t willing to coexist with us on our terms, that bear doesn’t get to do so at all.

In this case, two bear cubs are on their own because their reckless mother refused to comply with man’s strict and unforgiving rules.

One has to hope there’s an alternate universe in which man is subjected to other species’ equally merciless rules.

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    one does hope that.

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