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Could Ad-Slogan Translation App Inspire People to Go Vegan?

Photo by Monty Gelstein

Photo by Monty Gelstein

My good friend Monty Gelstein and I were traveling through eastern Connecticut, in a northbound lane (eastbound, actually) of Interstate 95, when I prepared to pass a slow-moving 18-wheeler whose offensive ad slogan caught my eye.

“What does that say?” I asked Monty, my eyeglass prescription in need of updating.

From the ocean floor to your door,” he answered in his best mock-game-show-host voice.

As I pulled alongside the outsize fish hearse, a familiar, lunatic look came over Monty’s face.

“We should hijack the motherfucker!” he suggested enthusiastically.

“Yeah? And then what?” I asked.

“I don’t fucking know!” he admitted with annoyance. “It seems like the right thing to do.”

“Here’s a better idea,” I offered. “Let’s develop an ad-slogan translation application that works like a cross between Shazam and one of those QR-code readers.”

As if on cue, Monty prompted me to repeat the offensive ad slogan, which he then translated while pretending to use our just-conceived iPhone app:

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