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Cow Killed After Slaughterhouse Escape, Or, Prisoner Executed Following Death-Camp Breakout

Photo by Feliciano Guimarães

Photo by Feliciano Guimarães

A prisoner hell-bent on securing her freedom was executed last week after breaking out of a Mexican death camp.

As the Yuma Sun (Yuma, Ariz.) reported, the inmate jumped a fence at the city-run extermination camp in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico, and killed a local man, before law-enforcement officials gunned her down.

In the end, the prisoner’s courageous flight effectively moved up her execution date, which had been fast approaching. 

Antonio Webril, the spokesperson for a regional death-sentence abolition group, described the local man’s death as “accidental” and scoffed at suggestions that the inmate’s attempted escape amounted to “suicide by cop.”

“She was trying desperately to avoid her execution, not hoping to bring it about sooner,” Webril said, angrily.

Asked his thoughts about the deceased local man, Webril said he and his fellow abolitionists “aren’t thinking about him.”

“We’re thinking about the countless prisoners who await their senseless executions in this horrible death camp,” Webril said.

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