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Crocodile Attacks Surfer in Costa Rica, Environment Minister Should Do Nothing

Photo by Charlesjsharp

Photo by Charlesjsharp

The following letter was sent to René Castro, Costa Rica’s environment and energy minister.

Hi René,

I understand that you’re contemplating what to do about a crocodile who on Sunday inflicted a few superficial wounds on a Spanish surfer. If you’re a rational person, you’ll do absolutely nothing.

In case you haven’t been briefed on the incident, The Tico Times reported on Monday that “surf instructor Luis Sequeira had just taken his students out into the mild waves of Playa Tamarindo … when he heard a man scream.”

As you’ve likely inferred from what I’ve already explained, the screams were the result of the surfer being roughed up a bit by the crocodile.

After being treated and released from a local hospital, the dude was totally ready to get back in the water, but the woman he was surfing with was too freaked out by the incident to return to the beach.

The Tico Times report quoted Socorro Urbina, a receptionist at the hotel where the couple was staying, as saying, “The man wanted to stay here and keep surfing, but his girlfriend was very nervous and wanted to leave.”

If a guy who’s just had a run-in with a crocodile is ready a few hours later to forgive and forget, surely you can do the same.

Sequeira told The Tico Times that the slightly injured surfer “was super, super lucky,” pointing out that “crocs don’t just bite and let go. They chomp down, hold on, and spin and spin in the water until the prey is ripped to pieces.”

Still, The Tico Times story explained that “Tamarindo’s crocodiles are well fed, with plenty of birds, crabs, fish and insects to feast on. It’s unusual for them to be aggressive toward humans.”

And Rafael Sandoval, who runs Kelly’s Surf Shop, was quoted as saying, “I think the reason they are so confrontational right now is because October is their egg-laying season … The females don’t tolerate people getting too close.”

And who can blame them, right René?

Yours, encouraging nonaction,

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