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Elephant Brutally Executed for Daring to Behave Like an Elephant

Photo by Hansueli Krapf

Photo by Hansueli Krapf

The South African Press Association is reporting that “several people have reacted with outrage at the Kruger National Park’s decision to kill an aggressive elephant bull that attacked a couple on Monday.”

Add me to the list of those who are infuriated by park officials’ vengeful behavior.

The gist of the story is that a couple of tourists in a parked car were videotaping an elephant who just wanted to be left the fuck alone.

Understandably, the elephant signaled his displeasure by tossing the car and its inhabitants into some roadside brush, leaving one of the bothersome humans with a decent leg wound.

Instead of letting the incident serve as a reminder that we can’t reasonably expect wild animals to smile graciously for interloping, camera-wielding humans, small-minded park officials brutally executed the elephant.

According to the SAPA report, “SANParks spokesperson Ike Phaahla said the elephant bull had to be put down because it had shown such aggressive behaviour before and posed a safety threat to other tourists.”

What Phaahla is telling us is that the elephant’s behavior was unacceptable, no matter how much aggressive and threatening human behavior he’d endured prior to his brutal execution.

Obviously, I’m not the only person who thinks that Phaahla and members of the park’s vicious death squad have their heads screwed on backwards.

Frankly, I’m sick and fucking tired of humans insisting that other species play by our shameful, self-serving rules — that magnificent creatures like the elephant who was so mercilessly executed in Kruger National Park shouldn’t dare ruin the vacations of those who’re trying to admire them up close.

Phaahla’s claim that park officials had no choice but to execute the elephant represents the height of man’s wicked arrogance. Park officials could have — and should have — done absolutely nothing at all.

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  1. Candace wrote:

    The humans who provoked the incident should have immediately voiced their concern that the elephant not be harmed in any way. Now, these ‘eco-tourists’ or whatever they call themselves, can live forever with the death of an extraordinary creature on their consciences. Not exactly what they were hoping for when they dressed up in their safari gear and handed over large sums of money to the wildlife pimp who took them there.

    Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 8:05 pm | Permalink

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