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Florida Woman Trampled by Bull on “Cracker Day”

Photo by Bart Slingerland

Photo by Bart Slingerland

Get yourself a video clip of a stateside Marine rushing to the aid of a fallen civilian and you’ve got a story about selflessness. At least that’s what many nonthinking journalists believe.

Case in point: A video provided to CNN by the Orlando, Florida-based CBS affiliate WKMG-TV boasts the headline “A woman in Florida was trampled by a bull during a ‘money grab’ game at a rodeo event.”

In the video, John Weideman-Beal tells a reporter that while he was helping Desiree Cicero, who’d been knocked ass over teakettle by a pissed-off bull, the creature “got me in the head, right in the temple. That should have killed me, and it’s an act of god that it didn’t.”

Upon learning from the reporter of Cicero’s gratitude, Weideman-Beal tells the convalescing woman, via his interviewer, “Better you be living and me in a little bit of pain than anything else that could’ve happened.”

The truth is, none of it had to happen. It did thanks to the Volusia County Cattlemen’s Association, which organized the “64th Annual Cracker Day” event, according to its website.

On “Cracker Day,” apparently, members of Florida’s drooling class gather at what’s more commonly known as a “rodeo” and take turns abusing *other species.

On April 27, in Deland, Florida, Cicero was attempting to remove a ribbon from an unamused bull’s horn when she was deservedly put in her place — that is, facedown in the dirt. While she’d hoped for a cash prize — which I think we can fairly assume she’d have spent on moonshine and crystal methamphetamine — Cicero got nothing for her trouble but a handful of relatively minor injuries.

The sympathy I have is for the creatures who are tortured for the amusement of the drooling class.

Had Weideman-Beal wanted to play the hero on “Cracker Day,” he’d have liberated the real victims of this sanctioned sadism from their brutal enslavement.

And if those who insultingly framed this incident as a story of selflessness had looked into those tortured creatures’ eyes instead of Cicero’s and Weideman-Beal’s, they’d have written about our species’ shameful and revolting selfishness.

* In this context, “other species” refers to those that are neither human nor members of the human drooling-class subspecies.

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  1. Michel Michaeljohn wrote:

    RODEO: “America’s Shame.”

    Rodeos are the cruelest, ugliest form of animal torture man ever dreamed up. In an attempt to legitimize this horrendous cruelty, stock contractors, sponsors and ruthless contestants are desperate to align themselves with western tradition and cowboys are painted as heroic figures. In reality, rodeos are nothing more than a hellish detour to the slaughterhouse where torture is sanctioned and brutality is rewarded by winning scores and loud cheers from the stands.

    Rodeo events, such as calf roping, steer wrestling, bareback horse and bull riding, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, steer roping, and barrel racing, normally docile animals are physically provoked into displaying “wild” behavior in order to make the cowboys look brave.

    Electric prods, spurs, and bucking straps are used to irritate and enrage animals used in rodeos. Before entering the ring, cows and horses are often prodded with an electrical “hotshot” so that the “pain” will rile them.

    The flank (or “bucking”) strap is tightly cinched around the animals’ abdomens, causing them to buck vigorously in an attempt to escape the pain. The flank strap can cause open wounds and burns when the hair is rubbed off and the skin is chafed raw. Former animal control officers have found burrs and other irritants placed under the flank strap.

    Rodeo cowboys voluntarily risk injury by participating in events, but the animals they use have no such choice. Countless animals in rodeos have suffered broken ribs, backs, and legs; punctured lungs; deep internal organ bruising; hemorrhaging; ripped tendons; torn ligaments and muscles; snapped necks; and agonizing deaths: “RODEO: (America’s SHAME): GRAPHIC — Rodeos Abuse, Maim and Kill Animals”:

    “Rodeo Cruelty: Forget The Myth!”:

    Horse Killed at Cheyenne Rodeo (GRAPHIC):

    “What does a Former Bronc Rider and Rodeo Veterinarian Have To Say?”:

    “Former Rodeo Vet Says: Animal Abuse Inherent in Rodeo”:

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