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Holley “Squirrel Slam” is a Neanderthal Custom of Evangelical Barbarism

Earlier this month, in the backwoods village of Holley, New York, bloodlust-full hillbillies of all ages paid $10 apiece to participate in a squirrel-slaughtering contest whose prizes included cash and guns.

The competitive killing spree drew attention from far beyond the now-bloodstained streets of Holley, thanks in part to a protest organized by the nonprofit animal-advocacy organization Friends of Animals – and because of the prideful defiance of the local savages, who basked like unrepentant Nazis in their all-too revealing 15 minutes.

It should be pointed out that the purpose of “Squirrel Slam” was to raise money for the Holley Fire Department, for which “saving lives through slaughter” would be an apt slogan.

As the sanctioned slaughter unfolded on February 16, one local subhuman was caught on video (see above) telling protestors that without the protection of one another and village police, “somebody’s going to shoot you.”

Edita Birnkrant, Friends of Animals’ New York director, told me during a recent telephone conversation that the protest in Holley was “definitely the most disturbing event I’ve done of that sort.”

Birnkrant said her organization made an offer to town officials, prior to the start of the family friendly competitive slaughter, to take over the fundraising effort – that is, to keep the fire department’s coffers full, but free of blood money – but that the offer “was completely rejected.”

“So it became not about the money,” Birnkrant said.

Clearly, it was about a savage civic culture being threatened, or, as Birnkrant put it, an “unwillingness to embrace – or even consider – new ideas.”

Indeed, many of Holley’s thuggish locals wore that stubbornness like a badge, even in the face of what Birnkrant described as “national – even international – outcry.”

“They are notorious now,” Birnkrant said of the defiant locals.

These are folks who, on one hand, are proud of their way of life, but, on the other, don’t want outsiders to bear witness to that unchecked barbarism.

This is essentially the attitude to which then-Sen. Barack Obama was referring when he said, during a 2008 presidential-campaign stop, “they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them.”

Such anti-intellectualism was later championed by the remarkably vapid narcissist Sarah Palin as she developed aspirations to rule over the drooling class.

Birnkrant and other protestors who traveled to the backwoods of upstate New York on February 16 saw firsthand what it looks like when unsophisticated rednecks “cling to guns or religion” (to borrow then-Sen. Obama’s words) – the dominant religion in Holley, New York, being a form of Evangelical Barbarism whose Neanderthal customs include swinging dead squirrels in the faces of those who don’t seek spiritual or financial reward through the murder of other species.

The since-disgraced former Sen. John Edwards was right about there being “Two Americas,” although he wasn’t (unfortunately) referring specifically to the drooling class and the more evolved among us.

And while I’m certainly not an apologist for President Obama, John Edwards, or any other so-called “liberal politician,” it is fair to point out that Holley’s proud savages are predictably following the drooling class’ primitive playbook.

To borrow applicable language from my February 19 commentary, Holley’s Neanderthal population has planted “yet another bloodstained flag in the primordial ooze that the drooling class calls home” and in doing so has shown that its knuckle-dragging members “have no interest in claiming a place on the moral high ground.”

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  1. In a nutshell, that’s the way it is. Thanks so much for covering the antics of “bloodlust-full hillbillies of all ages,” and for
    showing what it took to restrain them. Only wish so many poor squirrels had been spared. Friends of Animals knows the work ahead is to make animal-killing contests unlawful in New York, Conn., and especially states that have already banned paying bounties to hunters who kill certain animals.

    Priscilla Feral, President
    Friends of Animals

    Monday, February 25, 2013 at 2:04 pm | Permalink

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