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Hunter-Education Instructor Grooms Generations of Serial Killers

Photo by Jeremy Weber

Photo by Jeremy Weber

For 50 years, Leonard Howke has been teaching young people how to kill without hurting themselves or other humans. Howke is a 72-year-old Whitefish, Montana, resident who, along with other degenerate lowlifes, was recently honored by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency for his half-century of volunteerism.

The Daily Inter Lake, a Kalispell-based newspaper, saw fit on Sunday to publish a story about what reporter Samuel Wilson described as Howke’s “service” as a hunter-education instructor. Not surprisingly, the piece is a narrow-minded encomium that presents Howke as some kind of hero who triumphed over adversity nearly 35 years ago, when a tree he was cutting down fell on him, to spread goodwill around the hunting community.

Wilson quoted a man named Jack Cochrane as saying, “Leonard’s an example of a guy who just gives and gives and gives.”

Meanwhile, the aspiring serial killers that Howke and his fellow volunteers have trained go on to take and take and take, violently ending animals’ lives and feeding the twisted belief that nature and wildlife exist to be used and abused by our wretched species.

According to Wilson, Howke finds reward in seeing young killers with their first victims.

“Their excitement keeps me going,” Howke was quoted as saying.

That he’s still “going” is very bad news for the area’s animal populations. In addition to teaching youngsters how to kill responsibly (a sickening notion if ever there were one), Howke, Wilson’s article explains, teaches people how to drag fish from their natural habitats and helps the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency exercise brutal control over other species.

“I do anything I can to volunteer with wildlife,” Howke is quote as saying, by which he means he does all that he can to exercise the dominion over animals that so many humans believe our species is entitled to.

And for that Howke has been identified by the monsters at the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency as a model human — and by The Daily Inter Lake as an altruist — when in fact he’s a twisted old man who’s dedicated his life to grooming future generations of serial killers on behalf of a government agency that caters to and profits from bloodlust.

There’s no way to know just how many brutal deaths Howke has contributed to, or how many psychopathic smiles he’s worn watching young people celebrate their first kills.

Shame on The Daily Inter Lake for giving the loathsome old man a pat on the back.

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