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Hunting Super PAC Raising Money to Control Vacuous Message

Photo by Yuliya S.

Photo by Yuliya S.

A relatively new super PAC called the Hunter Defense Fund is hoping to capitalize on the U.S. Supreme Court’s lamentable 2010 ruling on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The Hunter Defense Fund, whose pitiful slogan is “the first line of defense for hunters,” was established earlier this year “to elect candidates willing to take the tough votes to preserve our hunting heritage,” according to language on its website.

Hunter S. Thompson famously wrote, “Politics is the art of controlling your environment.”

That line comes to mind here because the cross-eyed Neanderthals behind the Hunter Defense Fund, and their like-minded ilk, are all about control.

It’s the crux of hunters’ bogus belief that man is entitled to hold dominion over other species. That assertion, of course, is complete and utter nonsense.

In People in Quandaries: The Semantics of Personal Adjustment, Wendell Johnson wrote: “If a statement is such that those who hear it do not agree at all as to how it might be verified or refuted, the statement may be ‘beautiful’ or ‘eloquent,’ or grammatically irreproachable, but it is also, and above all, nonsense.”

I’ve cited that passage before, and will probably continue to do so, because it can so easily be applied to hunters’ arrogant rationalizations.

No hunting apologist or enthusiast can explain — without digging deeper into the bullshit and making reference to some ill-conceived god or to a reprehensibly anthropocentric take on comparative cognition — why our species is entitled to hold dominion over others.

By employing such pathetic behavior defenses, the troglodytes among us are creating control where it doesn’t exist — because they just can’t live without it. And, oh, how eager the assholes are to show one another and the rest of us just how much control they have — first and foremost by posting photographs of themselves posing with brutally slain animals.

The control they do have — as evidenced by society’s general acceptance of hunting, and by “wildlife management”-driven state-sanctioned slaughters — is bestowed upon them by cowards who’re more than happy to take the word of (and money from) savages. And what does that say about those slimeballs?

Ask a hunting enthusiast or apologist why any man should be the arbiter of wildlife populations and he’ll simply go back to that rancid well of cockamamy rhetoric.

The Hunter Defense Fund, it’s fair to say, is a cheap vehicle through which fiendish half-wits hope to maintain the control they do have.

To get their supporters to ante up, the good-for-nothing barbarians will drag out all the usual, moldy rhetoric — including plenty of references to their embattled heritage. One place they’ll regurgitate their unsophisticated drivel is at a Feb. 8 fundraising event in Las Vegas (a venue that seems fitting on several levels), during Safari Club International’s annual scumbag convention.

Ultimately, what the mouth-breathers behind the Hunter Defense Fund are hell-bent on controlling is the perceived value of their vacuous message.

Political campaign strategists frequently talk about the importance of defining one’s opponent before he or she does so first. Not surprisingly, the evildoers behind the Hunter Defense Fund, and those whose unabashed savagery they’ve committed to defend, have clearly defined themselves as deranged monsters who defiantly refuse to acknowledge, let alone control, their insatiable bloodthirst.

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