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In Iowa, Ted Cruz and Steve King to Hunt for Votes by Killing Pheasants

U.S. Senate Photo

U.S. Senate Photo

Now that Sen. Ted Cruz has finished reading his favorite book to C-SPAN-watching adult-diaper marketing executives, he can turn his attention to blowing pheasants out of the sky with the ever-loathsome Rep. Steve King.

It was nearly two years ago, in December 2011, that petulant Republican presidential candidate Rick “Rooster” Santorum pandered for the drooling class vote by doing the same.

“Perhaps someday,” I wrote at the time, “a therapist will explain to ‘Rooster’s’ son John why his dim-witted father tried so hard, and failed so miserably, to earn the respect of America’s ignorant rednecks.”

Now, apparently, it’s Cruz’s turn to pay for friends with slaughtered animals.

According an Aug. 30 report in The Des Moines Register, “Cruz … has accepted an invitation to hunt pheasants on Oct. 26 … with U.S. Rep. Steve King.”

On Sept. 9, The Des Moines Register published more detailed information about the Kill and Pander portion of Cruz’s nascent — and sure-to-be-stenchful — 2016 presidential campaign.

Rep. King’s congressional reelection website invites potential campaign donors to pay big bucks to join him and Sen. Cruz on their bird-killing spree and at Rep. King’s “Defenders of Freedom” money-grab event.

Frankly, I’m surprised that Rep. King and Sen. Cruz haven’t announced plans to worship publicly at the hooves of the Iowa State Fair “butter cow.”

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