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LancasterOnline and the Normalization of Human Arrogance

Photo by Craig Lewis/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

It would be easy to make fun of LNP’s asinine headline “No hunting-related shooting deaths were recorded in Pennsylvania in 2016” were it not such a depressing reflection of our largely indifferent society.

In the article to which that thoughtless headline is attached, Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Bryan Burhans is quoted as saying “hunting is safer than it’s ever been.” Tell that to the animals who are mercilessly gunned down by bloodlust-full thugs in the name of sport. Burhans and his loathsome ilk insist, of course, that they’re conservationists. To wit: The shamelessly arrogant mission of the PGC is “to manage Pennsylvania’s wild birds, wild mammals, and their habitats for current and future generations.” 

As I’ve pointed out many times, “wildlife management” is an insulting and sickening euphemism for “sanctioned slaughter.” The PGC and wildlife agencies in other states cater to the most violent among us while claiming altruism as their constituents’ primary motivation. The truth is that killing, for these agencies, is a business. And there remain plenty of knuckle-dragging serial killers who continue to spend a few dollars each year to visit brutal deaths on other species.

According to language on its website, LancasterOnline — the LNP’s Web presence — “has a monthly readership of over one million” (poor grammar not at all excused). That readership would be better served by the truth. And the truth is that the only species that needs to be “managed” is ours.

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