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Media Once Again Ignores Real Victims

Photo by Scott Bauer/USDA

Late last month, three humans were injured by a bull at a livestock auction in County Clare, Ireland. Not surprisingly, and once again, media reports ignored the real victims. What follows is an open letter to Pat Flynn, who wrote about the above-mentioned incident for The Irish Times. 

Hi Pat,

I’m writing with what you in the press call a “news tip.” It’s a horrifying and atrocious story with countless victims, each and every one of whom was and is born to suffer a short, tortured life and a brutal end. 

There’s a company called Clare Marts, at the intersection of Greed and Indifference, in County Clare. It’s where the doomed are further insulted on their way to the killing floor. Your headline — and the gist of your piece — could be something like “Countless victims traded in Co Clare atrocity.” 

I see the piece, if you’ll indulge me, Pat, as a story about the unimaginable fear and suffering that’s endured by an endless procession of individuals who desperately need your help. Tell your readers, Pat, about the flesh trade that’s flourishing there and everywhere that our species dominates. 

It wouldn’t be untrue to write something like “Clare Marts auctions babies and adults, all of whom will soon face the knife,” or “at Clare Marts, stolen lives are currency and death is the common denominator.” You get the idea, Pat. The point is, nothing’s going to stop this atrocity until the people with access to the truth make some powerful word-music that motivates the masses to stop the goddamned madness. Dig? 

With great urgency,
David Brensilver 

I sent the above to several editors at The Irish Times and to

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