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New Herman Cain Ad Depicts Rabbit Being Shot

I’d all-but forgotten about the national embarrassment that is Herman Cain until I was made aware of his latest video advertisement. Upon its release, Politico reporter Tim Mak (whose bio page could really use some biographical information) described the spot thus: “Former presidential candidate Herman Cain released a video Monday involving the depiction of a rabbit that is shot by a firearm after being launched into the air. The graphic scene is supposed to represent ‘small business under the current tax code,’ a young girl narrates.”

You might remember an earlier advertisement “in which a goldfish is thrown out of its bowl onto the ground,” to quote again from Mr. Mak’s Politico report.

According to Mr. Mak’s follow-up story, Mr. Cain “defended his controversial video showing a ‘rabbit’ being shot, saying it was a toy and that no animals were harmed during the filming.”

Mr. Mak quoted Mr. Cain as saying, “The liberals are trying to paint it like I’m killing animals. The rabbit that we shot was a toy, stuffed rabbit. It was not a real rabbit. Did you know that in some parts of this country, it is legal to hunt rabbits for dinner? … So what’s so outrageous about shooting a toy bunny rabbit out of the air?”

On his website (actually, that of his political action committee, Cain Connections), Mr. Cain explains that the “rabbit” advertisement, “a sequel of sorts, is a plug for Cain’s website.”

Language on that website urges visitors to “tell us what you are sick of to give us the theme for our video ad.”

OK, Herman. I’m sick of your real or fictional animal cruelty. But I have a “solution” (if I may borrow from the title of your so-called “revolution”): replace the goldfish and the “toy bunny rabbit” with Mark “Smoking Man” Block.

Since the dude probably spends a good portion of his days sucking on the yield of an oxygen tank, I’ll bet he’d be pretty convincing as a guy writhing around on the ground gasping for air.

And given that Mr. Block is a loyal henchman, I’m sure he’d be willing to be launched skyward by a catapult and shot at by your bespectacled actor.

Better yet, as long as you’re remaking your ads, get rid of Nerdy Hunting Man and give Dick Cheney a cameo.

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