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New Zealand Filmmaker, Great White Killed in Shark Attack

Despite everything we know about the infrequency with which fatal shark “attacks” occur, we just can’t help reacting like vengeful ocean police when such an incident does take place.

Such was the case last Wednesday, when Adam Strange, a New Zealand-based filmmaker, inadvertently swam into the path of sharks who were looking for a meal in waters off Muriwai, on the west coast of the country’s North Island.

The New Zealand Herald reported today that while Strange’s “death was almost instant …   police fired 12 shots at the shark, as it was still ‘harassing the body.’”

Strange was training for an upcoming athletic competition and had reentered the surf for a second time when the encounter occurred.

Tim Jago, the chairman of the Auckland-based Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service, was quoted in The New Zealand Herald report as saying, “Almost immediately Adam was subjected to the first of two shark attacks by what we now know to have been a bronze whaler shark. … Within a very short space of time … Adam was subjected to a second and fatal shark attack; this time by a white pointer.”

An Associated Press report published by The Huffington Post quoted Jago as saying, “We are quite comfortable the beast is dead.”

Mr. Jago’s satisfaction betrays the arrogance on which has been built man’s unsophisticated and insulting insistence that other species live by our rules or not at all.

If there is a “beast” without whose presence other species could live more comfortably, it is Homo sapiens.


  1. Abby wrote:

    why is it that Australia and NZ, where sharks specifically congregate, has people who insist on getting in the water, thus causing their own deaths, and the deaths of animals who are just doing what they do? I always thought of those two countries as rather civilized. I don’t think so any more.

    Monday, March 4, 2013 at 5:09 pm | Permalink
  2. stuart scott wrote:

    shame the police officer involved had to shoot an endangered species .when it was quite clear the victim was appears the shark was doing what comes naturally to them in there waters seems very tragic for this great white to be taken in such a unhumane way

    Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 6:56 pm | Permalink

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