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Polish Officials Debate Ritual Slaughter Ban

prayer-001SOMEWHERE IN POLAND, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE – Polish religious leaders and slaughterhouse operators have urged the country’s Office for Foreigners to deny David Brensilver’s application for temporary residence in the country, permits for which can be granted for the “continuation of creative activity in Poland by a foreigner with an acknowledged output,” according to the office’s website.

The country’s Muslim and Jewish communities, and its meat-industry captains, believe that The Daily Maul author’s plans are directly related to a nationwide debate over ritual slaughter, which escalated in November when, as BBC News reported, “Poland’s top court has ruled that the religious slaughter of animals is illegal, weeks before an EU law allowing the practice takes effect.”

In response to that ruling, reported on December 13, “Polish coalition MPs have prepared legislation that will ensure that ritual animal slaughter continues in Poland, but are awaiting a decision from the prime minister.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an Office for Foreigners staffer said he had a telephone conversation with Brensilver, whom he described as “charming and unambiguously forthcoming.”

“He asked if I was a religious man, and if I was familiar with The Daily Maul,” the government official said. “I told him that I was, and we chatted about his December 22, 2011, commentary, ‘Ritual Slaughter: Religion Trumps Animal Rights,’ which addressed a debate over ritual slaughter in the Netherlands.”

The Office for Foreigners staffer said he and Brensilver repeated aloud the following prayer, which was adapted from language in the above-mentioned The Daily Maul commentary: “Let us not lack the moral conviction to put a long-overdue end to the kind of unconscionable bloodletting these fanatical barbarians enjoy under the aegis of religion.”

The government official said he thinks opposition to Brensilver’s temporary relocation to Poland is “steeped in an appropriate measure of fear.”

Adding intrigue to these developments is confirmation from multiple sources in Washington, D.C., that Brensilver recently filed paperwork in the United States to start his own church, Karmic Balance Ministries.

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