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Port Authority Had 20,000 Animals Slaughtered, and Yet … No Scandal

Brussels Airport Photo

Brussels Airport Photo

News that callous bureaucrats at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey ordered the slaughter of more than 20,000 animals at area airports in 2012 and 2013 should be every bit and more the scandal that the George Washington Bridge lane-closure incident is. But it isn’t. And that’s because too many people accept madness when it’s branded as a “public safety” measure.

On March 2, the New York Post published a list of the animals Port Authority officials had slaughtered at area airports. The body count looks like a list of all the species who inhabit the region (and like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s lunch order).

The “public safety” argument is the same odious one that officials in Western Australia have used as an excuse for their monstrous War on Sharks, led by shark-cull cheerleader-in chief, Premier Colin Barnett.

In a January 28 commentary about that atrocity, and about Barnett’s lame, holier-than-thou rationalization for his savage policy, I wrote: “What Barnett is saying, essentially, is that he believes it’s his job to control what some people want controlled — no matter that a policy designed to control nature could only be implemented by a fucking madman and his thuggish henchmen.”

Like Barnett’s War on Sharks, the airport killing spree ordered by Port Authority goons is about control. The difference between the George Washington Bridge lane closures and the wildlife slaughter at area airports is that the former was the result of adult men and women controlling their political environment (to riff on Hunter S. Thompson’s famous line, “Politics is the art of controlling your environment”), whereas the latter was about men and women deciding that only humans are allowed on certain land and in certain airspace.

Obviously, and unfortunately, this isn’t anything new. We see it every day — that attitude whose basis is the arrogant belief that man is entitled to make all the rules, all the time. God forbid investigators learn that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was brought down by birds. We’d immediately bear witness to an international preemptive strike designed to eradicate all species that could possibly collide with a commercial airliner.

Blowhards at the Port Authority and elsewhere will remind us time and again that Canada geese “brought down” U.S. Airways Flight 1549, and that many people would have died had Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger not managed to land the plane in the Hudson River — a crafty piece of piloting that made him a national hero.

In a May 15, 2012, commentary titled “Proposed Senate Bill Would Kill Canada Geese,” I pointed out that “there are those who expect wildlife to get the hell out of mankind’s way or be forcibly removed. … If we’re going to kill off each and every species that presents a potential threat to human safety, we might as well start with the biggest threat of all: Homo sapiens.”

While sentimental humans made a hero of Sullenberger, they made villains of Canada geese. And the brutish degenerates at the Port Authority put out a hit on any species that looked like a potential villain to them.

We could get into the math that reveals how statistically improbable it is that a “bird strike” will “bring down” a commercial airliner killing the humans on board, but we’d be having the same conversation we do each and every time a human dies as a result of an encounter with a shark. Getting into the math also gives legitimacy to the claim that even one human life lost is too many, especially when that loss is “preventable.” I’d remind the folks who make that assertion that any bird who unintentionally “brings down” a commercial airliner dies as a result. In other words, “bird strikes” are not carried out by suicidal, terrorist geese.

The lowlifes at the Port Authority who ordered the executions of more than 20,000 animals in the name of “public safety” are the terrorists. After all, only madmen implement policies aimed at controlling everything. And those madmen are enabled by apathetic rubes who buy what they’re being sold, no matter the ultimate cost.

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