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Raise Money to Protect Animals, Let Wounded Hunters Die

Photo by Connormah

Photo by Connormah

Nothing would fill me with rage more than being stuck at an intersection where a bunch of mouth-breathing troglodytes were raising money to help the “victim” of a hunting accident. A few weeks ago, in Etowah County, Alabama, the community set out to do just that, in an effort to help pay a worthless thug’s medical bills.

On September 4, The Gadsden Times reported that a fundraising “roadblock” would be set up a few days later at a busy intersection, where friends of a terrorist named Cody Kuechle planned to solicit donations from trapped motorists.

A story published in The Gadsden Times on September 2 tells us that Kuechle was in “serious condition” at an area hospital after being shot the previous day by a goose-hunting buddy who lost his footing and accidentally discharged his lead-filled phallus. It’s too bad, obviously, that the shooter didn’t take himself out in the process of gunning down Kuechle. And it’s certainly too bad that the latter survived the incident.

Had he not, it dawns on me, his friends in Etowah County probably would have set up a fundraising roadblock to collect cash for the bastard’s funeral. Imagine getting stuck in that traffic and knowing what the holdup was. My road rage would have totally boiled over — unless, of course, I found a constructive way to deal with Etowah County’s drooling class.

And on that front I think there’s still time to give Kuechle and his water-headed pals something to think about. I think it’s worth looking into organizing a fundraising roadblock of our own. Ours, naturally, would be an effort to raise money to help protect other species from violent assholes like Kuechle. Maybe we’d get lucky and prevent an ambulance from delivering a wounded hunter to an emergency room in time to save his ugly life.


  1. i agree wrote:


    I’m totally picking up what you are putting down. I think we might even be able to help some hunting accidents occur. The less of those gutless killers the better.

    Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 1:42 pm | Permalink
  2. Matt Sanders wrote:

    Please go on a “book” signing tour and bring the other dip shits with you. I am not a hunter, but would relish a change to pop you in the mouth in honor of the folks that you so flippantly insult.

    Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 4:29 pm | Permalink

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