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“Squirrel Slam”: The Holleycaust Continues

Photo by Laura Perlick/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Photo by Laura Perlick/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

As I write this, numerous barbarians in Holley, New York, are on a killing spree, each slaughtering as many squirrels as he or she can for the chance to win cash and guns. They do it every year as participants in a killing contest called “Squirrel Slam,” a fundraiser for the local fire department, whose slogan might as well be “saving lives through slaughter.”

According to WHEC-TV, the Rochester, New York, NBC affiliate, tickets to participate in the killing contest sold out earlier this month. Fran Gaylord, the president of the Holley Volunteer Fire Department, is quoted in the February 19 WHEC-TV report as saying, “We sold 600 tickets since the beginning of February and people want more tickets but we can’t sell any more because of the size of the venue. We just don’t have enough room.”

“We’re told $6,000 has been raised for the fire department from ticket sales alone,” the news report tells us.

As I wrote in a February 2013 commentary, the animal-rights organization Friends of Animals “made an offer to town officials, prior to the start of the family friendly competitive slaughter, to take over the fundraising effort – that is, to keep the fire department’s coffers full, but free of blood money.”

Edita Birnkrant, Friends of Animals’ New York director, said at the time that the offer “was completely rejected.”

That’s because, for the Neanderthals who participate in “Squirrel Slam,” it’s not about raising money. It’s about the chance to kill for guns and cash. It’s about killing, period. It’s a way of life for those who participate in and defend the competitive slaughter, as they remind their critics. Live and let live is essentially the mantra they so insultingly espouse, in much more mangled English, of course, while gunning down as many squirrels as they can for the chance to win cash and killing tools.

They don’t like light shining on their sadistic culture, preferring to practice barbarism in the relative dark obscurity of Orleans County, New York. But exposed they are, marauding about their town and unleashing all the violence their led-filled phalluses will allow.

Today is a day that many squirrels will die and a few residents of Holley will be declared “winners.”

It’s a twisted and backward society that lets this kind of savagery stand.

Ask your state legislators to support or introduce legislation that would outlaw wildlife-killing contests, and support the efforts of organizations like Friends of Animals and the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting to bring an end to such savagery.

Listen to and download “A Holleycaust Story,” a protest song produced in February 2014 by The Daily Maul.

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  1. Larry Blake wrote:

    Let no one kid themselves. That gun toter with the goony grin and a truck decorated with dead squirrels would love to kill people he does not like just as fast, and will when Wal-Mart starts selling nads.

    Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 2:56 pm | Permalink

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