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Students Urged to Refuse National School Lunch Program Meals

Photo courtesy of Compassion Over Killing

NEW LONDON COUNTY, CT – September 11, 2012

Contact: Monty Gelstein
(860) 823-7410

Students Urged to Refuse National School Lunch Program Meals

The Daily Maul has received a generous donation that will allow the blog’s author, David A. Brensilver, to launch a massive educational campaign designed to convince schoolchildren to demand a vegan alternative to the National School Lunch Program.

Monty Gelstein, a wealthy philanthropist and staunch animal-rights advocate, has offered to fund “Students for Blood-Free Meals,” which will “cultivate a generation of enlightened young Americans who refuse to support the brutal enslavement, exploitation, torture, and murder of other species,” Brensilver said.

In an August 24 commentary about “subhuman savages who brutally tortured cows at a California slaughterhouse,” Brensilver pointed out that “most people don’t think at all about slaughterhouses until something like this ends up in the news. And even then, such reports are typically framed as isolated incidents involving a few irresponsible employees. The truth of the matter is that slaughterhouses exist to feed man’s arrogance. They’re located at the end of a machine whose soulless owners and operators are in the business of slavery, terror, torture, and murder.”

The Los Angeles Times reported on August 22 that “federal officials shuttered a Central California slaughterhouse after they concluded that cattle had been subjected to inhumane treatment … The U.S. Department of Agriculture temporarily closed Hanford-based Central Valley Meat Co. after reviewing video footage from the animal rights group Compassion Over Killing, which said it had captured images of torture and intentional cruelty to cows.”

An August 22 USDA memo indicated that the “USDA has purchased beef from the company, but no purchases are being made during the investigation.”

The killing floor, which had been forced to close on August 19, was allowed to reopen on August 26. It was only five days later that the USDA indicated, in an August 31 memo, that “the company will resume packing and shipping existing meat orders purchased by USDA for the National School Lunch Program.”

Through The Daily Maul’s “Students for Blood-Free Meals” campaign, students whose schools participate in the National School Lunch Program “will receive an educational video that shows and explains the extent to which cows and other animals suffer on their way to the killing floor,” Gelstein said.

“Schoolchildren need to watch terrorized and terrified cows being electrocuted and shot in the head with bolt guns before having their throats cut,” Gelstein said. “They need to understand that all that terror – all that fear, and pain, and suffering – is being perpetrated for them. And they need to know that they can refuse the yield of the killing floor.”

In addition to the above-mentioned educational video, students will receive a newly developed video game in which “they can rescue terrorized and terrified animals from places like the Central Valley Meat Co.,” Gelstein said. Students will also receive grade-appropriate literature promoting veganism and a customizable letter they can send to the USDA demanding a vegan alternative to the National School Lunch Program.


  1. Yvonne Polenc wrote:

    I love this idea, just love it!

    Monday, September 17, 2012 at 3:27 pm | Permalink
  2. David Brensilver wrote:

    Thanks, Yvonne.

    Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 8:50 am | Permalink

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