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Heiskell Executives Should Take Responsibility for Abuse of Calves

The following is an open letter to J.D. Heiskell & Company executives Scot Hillman and Robert Hodgen, who insist that they’re in no way responsible for the animal cruelty depicted in video footage obtained during a recent undercover investigation at their company’s subsidiary, the Quanah Cattle Co. Scot and Robert, Are the usual tired and […]

Grooving on Vigilantism, Or, the Night I Executed a Puppy Killer

SOMEWHERE IN CONNECTICUT, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE — I recognized the zit-faced sadist from the mugshot that had circulated on the Internet when he was arrested for brutally murdering a puppy not far from the ballroom in which he and I coincidentally now found ourselves. He was a groomsman in a wedding at whose reception […]

Exposed: Animal Cruelty at an Idaho Dairy Farm

I stand, as I write this, at the intersection of despondency and rage – all-but powerless, but for this word-weapon, in the face of a widely ignored holocaust. In my August 24 commentary about animal cruelty at a California slaughterhouse, I lamented the fact that “most people don’t think at all about slaughterhouses until something […]

Monday Maul: Dog Makes Romney Ride on Roof

I suggested back in October 2011 that Mitt Romney “should be strapped to the roof of his campaign bus and hosed down every time he soils his silk pants.” I’ve often wondered why the likely Republican presidential nominee hasn’t volunteered for such treatment given that he’s been perfectly willing to embarrass himself in countless other […]