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Hunter Mowed Down in Inspiring Accident

I was screaming into a pillow when the red phone rang. It was my good friend Monty Gelstein, calling from what sounded like the inside of a lawn mower. “What is that goddamned racket?” I shouted, tortured enough by the noise in my head. “It’s my new combine,” Monty explained. “I’m taking it for a spin.” […]

Wolves Disembowel Trapper Caught in His Own Trap: A Daydream

Over the weekend, I was alerted to a news story about an Idaho trapper who was injured in an ATV accident. According to the Times-News (Twin Falls, Idaho), “Russ Boley … was out checking traps in the South Hills” when the vehicle tipped over. The Times-News report indicates that Boley “was listed in stable condition Monday afternoon,” […]

Hunter Loses Leg After Shooting Himself, Black Bear Dies

The good news is: A California savage has one fewer legs than he did before going bear hunting earlier this month. The bad news is: A black bear was executed for being a black bear. A December 28 post on Outdoor Life’s “Newshound” blog explains that “the man was bear hunting with friends when the […]

Would-Be Rabbit Killer Accidentally Shoots Himself

I’m pleased to report that Death paid an obviously long-overdue visit last month to Marko Tomović, a 21-year-old Serbian savage who was trying desperately to satisfy his bloodlust when Karma called. From “The police said that Tomović ‘saw a rabbit, that was not moving, by the side of the road.’ This prompted him to […]