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“Hitler Prize” Established to Reward Perseverance in Face of Animal-Rights Activism

The Daily Mail (London) is reporting that “an Italian trade union has been slammed by Jewish groups for offering a spoof ‘Hitler Prize’ to people who work with animals, who have been targeted by extremists.” The report explains that “Feder Fauna, a union for people working with animals such as breeders and farmers, named the […]

Proposed Utah Law Targets “Animal-Rights Terrorists”

An opportunistic hypocrite in Utah has been diagnosed with a Senselessly Hyperbolic Inhumanity Tumor. While not uncommon, experts now believe that this type of cancer is contagious and are urging neuro-oncologists to perform lobotomies on patients suffering from SHIT on the brain. Leading researchers suspect that the SHIT on Utah state Rep. John Mathis’ brain […]

“Project Earth” TV Series to Feature Animal-Rights Activists

I spoke last night with Carlie Jackson, the executive producer of a new documentary TV series called Project Earth, which will introduce us to animal-rights and environmental activists who’ll explain “what they are doing for the earth and why they are doing it,” according to the series’ website. What follows is a transcript of our […]

Animal-Rights Activists Challenge Terrorism Law

Since they’ve been busy convincing the rabble which are the compelling stories of the day, the 24-hour cable-news networks have understood — and thus, conveyed — precious little about the importance of a necessary lawsuit that was filed last week in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts. From the Associated Press: “A group of animal rights […]

Hunting Advocate Targets Animal-Rights Activists

Yesterday, I came across an inane commentary headlined “Animal rights activists are negative people but deserve compassion.” The piece was published on the New Jersey Newsroom website by a hunting fanatic named Anthony P. Mauro, Sr., founder and chairman of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, a “Political Action Committee … organized to elect outdoor-minded political […]