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Pious Drunk in Alaska Endangers Bear’s Life

On its face, a news report out of Alaska about a man’s tussle with a black bear seems to have a happy ending, inasmuch as both survived the encounter. The truth of the matter is that the bear is alive, fortunately, in large part because the human in question made it painfully (if you’ll pardon […]

Alaska Man Mauled by Bear, Troopers Kill First Suspect They See

Law-enforcement officials in Delta Junction, Alaska, have executed a bear they hope was responsible for a local man’s death. Citing information provided by the Alaska State Troopers, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner has reported that “a Fairbanks man was killed by a bear Thursday evening at George Lake” and that “troopers who responded to the scene […]

Denali Bear Attack Leaves Backpacker Dead

A grizzly bear was executed last month in Denali National Park and Preserve after killing an irresponsible backpacker who got too close and hung around too long. “The hiker had photographed the bear for more than eight minutes and appeared to have come within 50 yards of the animal before he was attacked” on Friday, […]

“What to Do About the Bear”? Do Nothing

I’m crossing my fingers that officials in Alaska have read the National Outdoor Leadership School’s mission and values statements. I’d like nothing more than to learn that a brown bear cub isn’t about to become an orphan just because his mother protected him from a handful of teenagers on Saturday. What makes me nervous is […]

Donate Funds in Memory of Grizzly Bear — Not on Behalf of “Bear-Mauling Victim”

A grizzly bear was executed in Nome, Alaska, last month after defending himself from a trio of murderous, mouth-breathing rednecks. Unfortunately, so-called “bear-mauling victim” Wes Perkins — as described in a May 18 Anchorage Daily News headline — survived. From a May 17 Anchorage Daily News story: “A grizzly bear mauled the former fire chief […]