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Wolf-Dogs Eat Dead Woman’s Carcass, Countless Animals Continue to Suffer

Several news outlets have reported that so-called “wolf-dogs” might have eaten the remains of a monstrous woman in whose custody they struggled to live. I expect that this story will get a fair amount of play due to its macabre nature. And I lament that the word “wolf” will have something to do with that. […]

Texas Couple Hardly Reprimanded After Torturing, Murdering Puppies

As if we needed another sickening example of the ugly disparity between the rights our species have been guaranteed and those that we’ve afforded other species, two subhumans in Tarrant County, Texas, were hardly reprimanded at all after savagely torturing and murdering three puppies. According to a Fort Worth Star-Telegram report published on August 2, […]

Man Kills Dog with Explosives, Prosecutor Wonders if Dog “Suffered”

Yesterday, I came across a news story about a lunatic in Washington who used explosives to blow up his dog, a golden retriever named Cabella. In what can only be described as a passive insult to the dog’s memory, Skamania County Prosecutor Adam Kick tried to explain, by way of a press release issued by […]

Monday Maul: Ask Iowa Rep. Steve King to Explain Dogfighting Appreciation

Iowa Rep. Steve King recently expressed his support for dogfighting and for those who seek financial and spiritual reward through the enslavement, exploitation, torture, and murder of other species. In response, the following letter has been sent to Iowa Department of Education Director Dr. Jason Glass and members of the Iowa Board of Education. Dr. […]

Abortion Would Have Prevented Animal Cruelty at California Slaughterhouse

One individual recently posted a comment here at The Daily Maul that read, in part: “I am curious as to whether you will reveal your position on abortion.” Today, I’m prepared to opine that the subhuman savages who brutally tortured cows at a California slaughterhouse should have been aborted by their birth mothers. And they […]

Georgia Man Kills Pomeranian, Beats Girlfriend with Dog’s Body

SANDY SPRINGS, GEORGIA, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE — A man who pleaded guilty in August to savagely murdering a Pomeranian and beating his girlfriend with the dog’s lifeless body was sentenced today to a lifetime of drooling on himself and lying in his own excrement. Capt. Steve Rose, the Sandy Springs Police Department’s public information […]

British Court Convicts Man Who Shot, Stabbed Dog

LONDON — Organizers of the 2012 Summer Olympics, whose opening ceremonies on July 27 in London will kick off the Games of the XXX Olympiad, are hoping to boost television ratings by publicly executing a man who was recently convicted of torturing his bull terrier to the point that the dog had to be put […]

Monday Maul: The Daily Maul to Host Alternative to Snapperfest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New London County, CT — June 4, 2012 Contact: Monty Gelstein (860) 823-7410 The Daily Maul to Host Alternative to Snapperfest The Daily Maul has received a generous donation that will allow the blog’s author, David A. Brensilver, to host an “alternative” to what he described in August 2011 as “the […]

Alleged Connecticut Dog Killer Deserves Death Penalty

Even though Connecticut lawmakers recently repealed the death penalty, they might want to make an exception for Alex Wullaert, who, according to a WTNH report, “is accused of strangling his dog, Desmond.” “In court documents,” the WTNH report indicates, “Wullaert admitted to strangling the dog, dumping him in a lake, and then returning to put […]

Monday Maul: Cat Killer Timothy Kooyman Executed “Dexter” Style

SOMEWHERE IN CORONA, CALIFORNIA, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE — In January 2011, convicted cat killer Timothy Kooyman was contacted by The Devil, who told Kooyman, “I’ll be in charge of your future from now on — for eternity, actually,” after a “laughable 32 months … (was) added to the paltry five-year prison sentence you’re already […]