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Port Authority Had 20,000 Animals Slaughtered, and Yet … No Scandal

News that callous bureaucrats at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey ordered the slaughter of more than 20,000 animals at area airports in 2012 and 2013 should be every bit and more the scandal that the George Washington Bridge lane-closure incident is. But it isn’t. And that’s because too many people accept […]

Call Them “Objects” or “Sentient Beings,” They Still Bleed When Their Throats Are Cut

French President François Hollande has balked at the idea that farm animals should be recognized by law as “sentient beings.” According to Hollande, the legal status quo, in which animals are recognized as “objects,” has enough meat on its bones (if you’ll excuse the uncomfortable irony) “to make sure animals do not suffer unduly in abattoirs,” […]

Super Bowl Showcases Animal Exploitation, Celebrates Cultural Ugliness

Today, millions of Americans will be encouraged to discuss their favorite Super Bowl commercials. I found many of the ads disgusting — not necessarily because of what they were promoting, but because of who was bullied into doing the selling. A Bengal tiger was used to sell the Ford Fusion Hybrid. A llama was used to […]

Monday Maul: Teach Children that the Circus Profits from Slavery

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW LONDON COUNTY, CT – October 8, 2012   Contact: Monty Gelstein (860) 823-7410 Teach Children that the Circus Profits from Slavery The Daily Maul’s David A. Brensilver and illustrator Vin Paneccasio are working on a children’s book they hope will help put circuses out of business. “We’re going to let […]

Exotic Animals Returned to Ohio Concentration Camp

video platform video management video solutions video player Marian Thompson, whose late husband, Terry Thompson, all-but ensured the brutal deaths of 49 so-called “exotic” animals in Ohio last year, is expected to welcome home the creatures who survived the October 18, 2011, Zanesville Massacre. The Columbus Dispatch has reported that “Terry Thompson’s farm near Zanesville […]

Zoo Fire Kills Birds, Cats, Dogs, Giraffes

A week ago, I was talking with a friend of mine about the recent events in Ohio that led to the execution of dozens of so-called “exotic” animals. My friend, whom I’ll refer to here as The Kraut, told me that he’d grown up, in Jackson, N.J., not far from someone he knew only as […]

Sixty-Five Die in Mexican Concentration Camp

Sixty-five animals were left to freeze to death in a Mexican concentration camp this past weekend. Camp Comandante Alberto Hernandez provided CNN with the official death toll and a list of exterminated species. Among the dead, the CNN report tells us, were “one Capuchin monkey, 14 parrots and parakeets, 12 snakes, three crocodiles, five iguanas, […]