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Farm Lobby in Victoria, Australia, Wants an Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Those who peddle influence on behalf of the agriculture industry in the Australian state of Victoria would like elected officials there to enact legislation similar to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which was signed into law in the United States in 2006. As I’ve pointed out previously, language on the Office of Legislative Policy and […]

Police Murder Four Crocodiles After One Allegedly Kills Idiotic Partygoer

More than once, I’ve been asked how I can possibly say that a human life is no more precious than that of another species. Today, in memory of four crocodiles who were brutally slain for being crocodiles, I’m able to offer a fresh example. Authorities (and I use that word with ample contempt) in Australia’s […]

Crocodile Kills 9-Year-Old in Australia’s Northern Territory

Australia’s Top End does not have a problem with crocodiles. It has a problem with greedy and vengeful humans. ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) reported on Monday that “Northern Territory Police have suspended their search for a 9-year-old boy taken by a saltwater crocodile near the eastern tip of Arnhem Land. Police say the attack […]

Crocodile — or Shark — Attack in Northern Australia Leaves Scuba Diver Dead

As is so often the case, my celebration of a successful animal-on-human attack has been muted, as bloodthirsty, vengeful “authorities” hunt down the alleged, offending beast. “A Cairns barge captain has been killed in an apparent crocodile attack in waters off the Cape York peninsula,” according to an Australian Associated Press report in The Sydney […]

Alleged Connecticut Cat Killer Charged with Animal Cruelty

I was wondering whether methamphetamine addicts get allergies when the red phone rang. “The beatings are brutal, my friend, the beatings are brutal.” It was my friend Monty Gelstein, and it sounded like he was calling from a wind tunnel. “Goddamned it, Monty!” I screamed. “I can barely hear you, for Christ’s sake.” “Yeah, well, […]