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Tell Connecticut Gov. Malloy to Veto Sunday Bowhunting Bill

Loathsome members of the Connecticut Senate have approved HB 6034, which would allow bowhunters on certain state-identified private properties to slaughter deer on Sundays. The bill, which the state House approved on May 27, is now headed to Gov. Dannel Malloy’s desk. Please call the governor at 800-406-1527 and tell him to veto the odious legislation, […]

Polish Officials Debate Ritual Slaughter Ban

SOMEWHERE IN POLAND, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE – Polish religious leaders and slaughterhouse operators have urged the country’s Office for Foreigners to deny David Brensilver’s application for temporary residence in the country, permits for which can be granted for the “continuation of creative activity in Poland by a foreigner with an acknowledged output,” according to […]

Performance Artist Frames Animal-Testing Protest

Police and officials from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shut down a Regent Street cosmetics shop today minutes after a laboratory technician began conducting horrific and painful product testing on a terrified beagle in full view of shoppers and passersby. … That didn’t happen. After all, no fully evolved human […]

Exotic-Animal “Owners” in Ohio Blast Proposed Law

It’s been nearly six months since the streets of Zanesville, Ohio, ran red with the blood of dozens of so-called “exotic animals,” after Terry Thompson released them from his state-sanctioned concentration camp and into policemen’s gun sights. In the hours and days that followed the October 18, 2011, Zanesville Massacre, we heard a great deal […]

Owning Exotic Animals Remains Legal in Ohio

It’s been nearly four months since Terry Thompson let dozens of animals out of his state-sanctioned concentration camp and into policemen’s gun sights. While Mr. Thompson all-but ensured the brutal executions of 49 “exotic animals” by Muskingum County, Ohio, Sheriff Matthew Lutz’s trigger-happy henchmen before killing himself on October 18, 2011, state lawmakers made the […]

Without Bullfighting Ban, I Hope for Dead Matadors

In September, as the final bullfighting event got underway in Spain’s Catalonia region, I wrote: “There is little that would satisfy me more this weekend than the violent and painful deaths of (matadors) Serafín Marín, Juan Mora, and José Tomás. These bloodthirsty subhumans deserve nothing less than being fatally gored by their would-be victims. It […]

Hunting Ban Fight Intensifies on Boxing Day

Introduction to the League from League Against Cruel Sports on Vimeo. Prince Philip, known to most as Queen Elizabeth II’s 90-year-old, liver-spotted piece of arm candy, was unable to participate yesterday in the royal family’s annual Boxing Day pheasant shoot, a demonstration of monarchical bloodlust that was aptly described by The Times of India as […]

Ritual Slaughter: Religion Trumps Animal Rights

Jewish and Muslim leaders in the Netherlands are in total agreement about at least one thing: cutting animals’ throats is their god-given right. From the Associated Press: “The Dutch government said Wednesday it will study new standards for ritual slaughter to satisfy animal rights activists without infringing on ancient Jewish and Muslim traditions, and will […]