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Use Eminent Domain to Take South Carolina Hunting Grounds

A sadistic lawmaker in South Carolina is doing all he can to make sure that his mouth-breathing constituents can kill anytime they feel the urge. Naturally, the bastard doesn’t have the stones to describe his bloodlust-full legislative efforts in that honest a way. Instead, he’s suggesting that property owners in his state have hitherto been […]

Rhode Island Senate Approves Animal-Advocate Bill

The Rhode Island Senate has approved legislation that would “help protect the interest of pets that become part of a court proceeding,” according to a press release issued by the Rhode Island General Assembly on May 9. Rhode Island state Sen. John Tassoni Jr., the bill’s primary sponsor, was quoted in the press release as […]

Proposed Senate Bill Would Kill Canada Geese

It should come as no surprise that the alarmists among us would rather eradicate part of a population than coexist with it. As my good friend Steve would point out, “Hitler tried that.” I’m referring, of course, to legislation introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) that would “provide to the Administrator of the Animal and […]