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Mistaken for Hog, Hunter Shot; Hog Insulted by Mistaken-Identity Claim

In a recent interview with The Daily Maul, an angry hog from South Carolina complained bitterly about his species being indirectly blamed for the death of a hunter in that state. According to a recent WHNS-TV (Greenville) news report, “Greenwood County deputies said a man in a deer stand shot and killed a fellow hunter, […]

Quadriplegic Hunter Returns to Killing Floor

A newspaper in West Virgina would like us to believe that a 27-year-old quadriplegic is some sort of hero for chasing her dreams despite the physical limitations dealt her by a 2006 automobile accident. The problem is that Stacey Fordyce has not allowed an introduction to her own mortality to lessen the enthusiasm she has […]

“Vanquishing of Savages” Claiming Lives of Spanish Hunters

Law-enforcement officials in Spain say they’re unable to control “what appears to be a well-organized and deadly campaign of vengeance against the country’s pig-hunting enthusiasts.” And they’re blaming lawmakers for “putting a target on every sportsman’s back.” The bloodletting began in April, after NPR reported that “an ancient hunting ritual is making a comeback in […]

Pippa Middleton Takes Part in Belgian Deer, Boar Hunt

Like her older sister, Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge, for those willing to recognize such ridiculous and pompous titles), Pippa Middleton is attracted to entitled barbarians whose bloodlust betrays a cretinism that contradicts their claims of sophistication and class. The Australian Associated Press has reported that “royal in-law Pippa Middleton has again found herself […]