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Why Hunters Shouldn’t Invoke Hitler When Whining About Animal-Rights Advocates

It should come as no surprise that an enthusiastic participant in the slaughter of certain populations isn’t able to appreciate the irony of invoking Hitler when complaining about the outraged resistance. Case in point: Tony Makris, the bloodlust-full host of a recently canceled hunting show called Under Wild Skies, inadvertently revealed his intellectual shortcomings (among […]

Monday Maul: Elephants Kill King Juan Carlos of Spain

SOMEWHERE IN BOTSWANA, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE — King Juan Carlos of Spain, who was stomped to death by vengeful elephants in Botswana today, should have realized that the bogus and insulting apology he offered after his previous elephant-hunting trip fell on rather large, deaf and angry ears. “I’m very sorry, I made a mistake. […]