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Hunter Mowed Down in Inspiring Accident

I was screaming into a pillow when the red phone rang. It was my good friend Monty Gelstein, calling from what sounded like the inside of a lawn mower. “What is that goddamned racket?” I shouted, tortured enough by the noise in my head. “It’s my new¬†combine,” Monty explained. “I’m taking it for a spin.” […]

Hunting Porn: Depictions of Cheap Power and its Heartbreaking Cost

Photographs of hunters posing with their “trophies” never fail to sicken and enrage me. I’d planned, this morning, to write about a 16-year-old Spaniard who was recently killed during a “running with the bulls”-style event not far from Madrid. Before I began, I checked my e-mail and had a quick look around the Internet, to […]