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Giant Anteaters Fatally Maul Hunters in Brazil

Imagine my delight upon reading the headline “Two Hunters Attacked and Killed by Giant Anteaters in Brazil.” Anteaters? Who knew? But hell, I’ll take it. And I hope the hunters suffered. In two equally satisfying incidents — one in 2012, the other two years earlier — anteaters used their claws to fatally stab Brazilian savages. […]

Piranhas Infest River in Brazil, Baptisms Planned

I have just appointed myself Judge, Jury, and Executioner for All International Cases of Animal Abuse and Cruelty. I’d been thinking about offering myself the position since North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue failed to respond in a timely fashion to my November 21 e-mail, in which I asked her to appoint me judge, jury, and […]