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Bullfight Protest in France Met with Thuggish Police Response

“The bull-fighter … has merely demonstrated that he is a butcher with balletic tendencies.” — Brigid Brophy, “The Rights of Animals,” Sunday Times (London), Oct. 10, 1965. State-sanctioned public executions were carried out in France this past weekend, while jackbooted police used tear gas to repel horrified protesters. Thuggish French officials would explain that such […]

Monday Maul: More Dead Matadors, Please

MADRID, SPAIN, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE — I was writing to the President of the United States, asking him to appoint me chairman of a committee that would decide which American men must have vasectomies, when the red phone rang. “It was like Jonestown on Halloween — the dead, gored beyond recognition, their silly hero […]

Gored Matador, Juan José Padilla, Makes Comeback

Juan José Padilla is alive today. Hideously disfigured and half blind, but alive, nonetheless. And that, my friends, is unfortunate. Padilla, a Spanish matador who should have died in October 2011 when one of his would-be victims nearly split his head like a cantaloupe, returned to the killing floor on Sunday to “(fulfill) what he […]

Bull with Flaming Horns Fatally Gores Man in Spain

I am thrilled to report that a superfluous Spaniard was fatally gored by a bull on Saturday. A story in the Daily Mail tells us that “a reveller was gored to death by a flaming-horned bull at a Spanish fiesta … The half-ton beast charged the unnamed 45-year-old, trampling on his head and goring his body.” […]

Without Bullfighting Ban, I Hope for Dead Matadors

In September, as the final bullfighting event got underway in Spain’s Catalonia region, I wrote: “There is little that would satisfy me more this weekend than the violent and painful deaths of (matadors) Serafín Marín, Juan Mora, and José Tomás. These bloodthirsty subhumans deserve nothing less than being fatally gored by their would-be victims. It […]

Matador Gored Through Eye Plans Bullring Return

SOMEWHERE IN SPAIN, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE — Hideously disfigured, half-blind matador Juan Jose Padilla was fatally gored in spectacular fashion today by a smack-talking bull named David. Padilla, whose face was artfully rearranged by one of his would-be victims during a bullfight in October, had held a press conference at a Seville hospital on […]

Matt Damon Attends Bullfight in Mexico

Matt Damon would like us to believe that by attending a bullfight in Mexico last Sunday he was reinforcing his aversion to such bloodsports. From Friday’s edition of the Daily Mail: “According to Radar Online, the 41-year-old actor telephoned PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) himself after the animal activists contacted him. ‘We […]