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Montana Officials Kill, Blow Up Orphaned Moose

“If you don’t think hunting agencies are the enemies of wildlife, you don’t know much about hunting agencies.” — Joe Miele, president, Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting That comment was posted to the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Facebook page last week, along with a link to a sickening news story published by The Dodo about an […]

Hartford Courant Publishes Picture of Slave (Dairy Calf) in Rockwellesque Photo Feature

Among the user-generated images the Hartford Courant has published as part of a slideshow unimaginatively headlined “Let It Snow! Send Us Your Winter Pictures” is a photograph of a young slave, alone in the winter elements. Like the slave in the image on the left (which was taken in Ohio), the odalisque pictured in the […]

Bullfighter Photographs Dogs Terrorizing, Torturing Calf

So bloodlust-full is Portuguese bullfighter Joao Moura Jr. that he’s been known to entertain himself by watching dogs do his torturous dirty work. According to a June 28 report in The Olive Press (Malaga), “a private corrida at his house has caused outrage in Portugal after pictures showed a pack of pit bulls attacking a […]