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Owning Exotic Animals Remains Legal in Ohio

It’s been nearly four months since Terry Thompson let dozens of animals out of his state-sanctioned concentration camp and into policemen’s gun sights. While Mr. Thompson all-but ensured the brutal executions of 49 “exotic animals” by Muskingum County, Ohio, Sheriff Matthew Lutz’s trigger-happy henchmen before killing himself on October 18, 2011, state lawmakers made the […]

4-Year-Old in Texas Attacked by Pet Mountain Lion

It is my opinion that a West Odessa, Texas, family, whose “pet” mountain lion mauled a child, should be euthanized, after which their heads should be examined for evidence of humanity and sent to me for shrinking. A KWES (Texas) report tells us: “Authorities say a 4-year-old child wandered too close to a mountain lion […]