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Bears Who Didn’t Attack Florida Woman Executed by Wildlife Gestapo

After 54-year-old Seminole County, Florida, resident Susan Chalfant sustained injuries during a Dec. 2, 2013, encounter with a black bear, the state’s vengeful Wildlife Gestapo profiled, captured, and executed two animals and imprisoned three others. No sooner had the state’s death squad executed a female bear than they turned their punitive attention to a male […]

Connecticut Officials Execute Bear Leaving Cubs Motherless

In their infinite wisdom (insert sarcasm here), officials — or should I call them cowboys? — at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection executed a black bear who dared to behave like a black bear on private property, leaving her cubs motherless. According to a news release issued on May 29 by the […]

Bear Euthanized, Cub Orphaned After Florida Attack

Central Florida residents have long been encouraged to appreciate and peacefully coexist with bears — unless, of course, a bear dares to wander out of residents’ nightmares and onto their streets. With the 13th annual Florida Black Bear Festival scheduled to take place in Umatilla on March 31, one would-be guest of honor has been […]

Leopard Who Survived Exotic-Animal Massacre in Ohio Euthanized

Even posthumously, Terry Thompson continues to ensure the brutal deaths of animals. You’ll remember that on October 18, 2011, Mr. ThompsonĀ  — before killing himself — released dozens of “exotic animals” (as they’ve been widely described) from torturous captivity and into the gun sights of Muskingum County, Ohio, Sheriff Matthew Lutz’s trigger-happy henchmen. Six animals […]