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Slaughtered Deer on Display in Syracuse “Art” Exhibit

It’s common for art galleries to receive a fresh coat of paint between one exhibit coming down and another being installed. Come October 20, the Syracuse University Art Galleries are going to need a hazmat-suit-requiring floor-to-ceiling deep cleaning to remove any and all traces of the Neanderthals who might have visited the place to see a repulsive and inanely […]

The Daily Maul Cartoons, Commentaries Part of New Haven Art Exhibition

The Daily Maul is thrilled to announce that a selection of Vin Paneccasio’s Monday Maul cartoons and the commentaries they accompany are part of No, Seriously, a cartoon exhibit presented by the Arts Council of Greater New Haven, in Connecticut. From December 14 through February 1, fans of The Daily Maul can experience Brensilver and […]