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Exotic-Animal “Owners” in Ohio Blast Proposed Law

It’s been nearly six months since the streets of Zanesville, Ohio, ran red with the blood of dozens of so-called “exotic animals,” after Terry Thompson released them from his state-sanctioned concentration camp and into policemen’s gun sights. In the hours and days that followed the October 18, 2011, Zanesville Massacre, we heard a great deal […]

Owning Exotic Animals Remains Legal in Ohio

It’s been nearly four months since Terry Thompson let dozens of animals out of his state-sanctioned concentration camp and into policemen’s gun sights. While Mr. Thompson all-but ensured the brutal executions of 49 “exotic animals” by Muskingum County, Ohio, Sheriff Matthew Lutz’s trigger-happy henchmen before killing himself on October 18, 2011, state lawmakers made the […]

Endangered Species Bred for Trophy Hunting

SOMEWHERE IN TEXAS, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE — State and federal law-enforcement officials have urged hunters to stay away from exotic-animal ranches in Texas, after an “animal-rights manifesto” began circulating on the Internet earlier this week. A nationwide manhunt in under way for the document’s author, an animal-rights activist named Monty Gelstein. “Mr. Gelstein presents […]

Leopard Who Survived Exotic-Animal Massacre in Ohio Euthanized

Even posthumously, Terry Thompson continues to ensure the brutal deaths of animals. You’ll remember that on October 18, 2011, Mr. Thompson  — before killing himself — released dozens of “exotic animals” (as they’ve been widely described) from torturous captivity and into the gun sights of Muskingum County, Ohio, Sheriff Matthew Lutz’s trigger-happy henchmen. Six animals […]

Ohio Sheriff Honored for Killing Exotic Animals

Yesterday, many in the United States acknowledged the leadership of the late Martin Luther King, Jr., who, on Sunday, would have turned 83. And, as I write this, many are celebrating the strength of Muhammad Ali, who turns 70 today. Others still (I am not among them), are honoring Muskingum County, Ohio, Sheriff Matthew Lutz […]

Exotic Animals in Ohio Released, Shot Dead

Had an Ohio concentration camp comandante not, in his final moments, ensured the extermination of numerous animals, his apparent suicide would have come as welcome news. While the world is a better place without the late Terry Thompson, who liberated dozens of imprisoned animals — all but guaranteeing their deaths at the hands of local […]