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Fur-Focused Fashion Model: Archetype of a Cretinous Subhuman

What follows is a portion of a lecture I gave recently in the education department at the International Prison for the Drooling Class. The students who were required to attend my lecture are the indefinitely detained cretinous spawn of recently executed members of the aforementioned drooling class, which is defined in my syllabus as “those […]

Vegan Fashion House Vaute Couture Shows There is “No Excuse Left to Wear Animals”

VAUTE- New York Fashion Week Solo Debut from Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart on Vimeo. In a January 31 blog post, Vaute Couture owner and designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart announced that she’d be presenting her “first solo show at New York Fashion Week, as the first all vegan label to show at” the high-profile event. Following her […]

Fur Shop Closes After Cruelty-Free Clothing Store Opens Nearby

CHICAGO, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE – A furrier whose Gold Coast boutique had long attracted the patronage of Chicago’s drooling class has closed its doors after being driven out of business by a pop-up clothier specializing in garments and accessories crafted from human flesh. “I’ve been robbed of my life,” Cal Lousprick, the dispirited owner […]

Monday Maul: The Row Over Olsen Twins’ Fur Backpacks

NEW YORK, IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE — Iconic crocodilian fashion designer al-Liga t’Or’s latest, one-of-a-kind luxury accessory has raised the ire of a human-rights organization that opposes what’s come to be known as “runway retribution.” “The coexistence movement will not achieve its goals as long as designers like al-Liga t’Or continue to punish their human […]