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Where Hunting Passes for Culture, Or, More Reason to Despise the French Drooling Class

The way French stormtroopers dealt with bullfight protestors in Rodilhan, France, this past weekend was reminiscent of the way the Ohio National Guard dealt with anti-war demonstrators at Kent State University in 1970. While no protestors were killed by thuggish police in Rodilhan, the aggressors’ attitudes, in both incidents, were the same. Whether with words […]

Bullfight Protest in France Met with Thuggish Police Response

“The bull-fighter … has merely demonstrated that he is a butcher with balletic tendencies.” — Brigid Brophy, “The Rights of Animals,” Sunday Times (London), Oct. 10, 1965. State-sanctioned public executions were carried out in France this past weekend, while jackbooted police used tear gas to repel horrified protesters. Thuggish French officials would explain that such […]