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Stuffing Chris Christie Into a Gestation Crate

“When we first starting working together,” my therapist said, “you were the angriest person I’d ever met.” Somehow, it pleased me to hear that. “You’ve made amazing progress over the past decade and a half,” she said, “but today, I sense an old, familiar rage.” I sipped my agave-nectar-laced tea and waited for her to […]

Pork Industry Wants to Keep Pigs in Gestation Crates

I was reading Marcus Aurelius Armitage‚Äôs latest essay, Human Hearts are There to be Eaten: Feeding the World Through Organ Donation, when the red phone rang. “It’s all fun and games till a pig chews through your rib cage!” It was my friend Monty Gelstein calling from what sounded like the inside of a garbage […]