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On God and Hunting Accidents: Thoughts on Interpretation

I recently became aware of an entrepreneurial faith-salesman who got involved in the fairy-tale business after divine intervention purportedly helped him survive a terrible hunting accident. As reported by a shameless propaganda tool called The Christian Post, “Don Jacobson almost died in a hunting accident, but God saved and transformed his life through a series […]

Abortion Would Have Prevented Animal Cruelty at California Slaughterhouse

One individual recently posted a comment here at The Daily Maul that read, in part: “I am curious as to whether you will reveal your position on abortion.” Today, I’m prepared to opine that the subhuman savages who brutally tortured cows at a California slaughterhouse should have been aborted by their birth mothers. And they […]

The Tebow Brothers: Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The National Enquirer reported yesterday that Tim Tebow’s brother Robby “was cited for striking a police horse in an ugly Gainesville, Fla., mob incident” in April 2006. “Brother Robby,” the National Enquirer report tells us, “was charged with offenses against a police horse and slapped with 15 hours community service in 2006. He was also […]

A Curse of God on Animal Rights

A cocksure ladies’ man recently pissed off the hierarchy of the cult to which he belonged when he ran off with a harlot. (Don’t worry, this is not a commentary on the god-fearing armpit of the American electorate being uncomfortable with Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s marital history.) When a polygamist in Kenya’s Central Province […]