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“Hitler Prize” Established to Reward Perseverance in Face of Animal-Rights Activism

The Daily Mail (London) is reporting that “an Italian trade union has been slammed by Jewish groups for offering a spoof ‘Hitler Prize’ to people who work with animals, who have been targeted by extremists.” The report explains that “Feder Fauna, a union for people working with animals such as breeders and farmers, named the […]

Why Hunters Shouldn’t Invoke Hitler When Whining About Animal-Rights Advocates

It should come as no surprise that an enthusiastic participant in the slaughter of certain populations isn’t able to appreciate the irony of invoking Hitler when complaining about the outraged resistance. Case in point: Tony Makris, the bloodlust-full host of a recently canceled hunting show called Under Wild Skies, inadvertently revealed his intellectual shortcomings (among […]

California Deer Attack Lawsuit Should Invoke Holocaust

Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of the hyper-litigious among us. Sometimes, though, he who is hell-bent on taking his pound of flesh from the ruling class deserves a little encouragement — if not a bit of direction. A report in the Marin Independent Journal tells us that “a Bolinas (California) man who says he […]

Rhino Poaching, Hunting: Holocaust in South Africa

Despite the sincere well-wishes I have exchanged with friends, family, and acquaintances in these early days of the New Year, I remain unable — and unwilling — to shake an enduring melancholy. As long as soulless humans find spiritual or material reward in the exploitation, torture, and murder of other species, I’ll gladly forfeit any […]