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Alligator Executed After Encounter with Florida Woman

Animals almost always lose. It’s the maddening reality that motivated me to launch this blog in the first place. The latest example of humankind’s arrogant expectation that other species play by our absurd rules involves a Florida woman who nearly lost one of her hands to an alligator when she reached into the water to retrieve a […]

Rich Square, North Carolina, Where Heroes are Monsters

“Saving lives through slaughter,” the slogan I attached in 2013 to the Holley Fire Department, in Orleans County, New York, will also work for the fire department in Rich Square, North Carolina. On Saturday, April 9, Neanderthals from that company will host a fundraising event in which participating savages kill turkeys for the chance to win $500. Last […]

On the Dallas Safari Club’s Insulting Claim that Rhino Hunt is Motivated by Altruism

A monstrous serial killer named Corey Knowlton has paid $350,000 for a license to kill a black rhinoceros in Namibia. According to News Corp Australia, “Knowlton purchased the controversial permit — auctioned off at a Dallas Safari Club event … from the Namibian government to hunt an endangered black rhino. The event was framed as […]

Where Well-Heeled Women Get to Know Their Inner Savages

A narcissistic entrepreneur named Georgia Pellegrini is making a name for herself by offering well-heeled women a chance to get to know their inner evildoers at swanky terrorist training camps. Jeff Gordinier put it this way in a piece published in The New York Times Magazine: “Almost a decade ago, Pellegrini, 32, ditched her first […]

Why Hunters Shouldn’t Invoke Hitler When Whining About Animal-Rights Advocates

It should come as no surprise that an enthusiastic participant in the slaughter of certain populations isn’t able to appreciate the irony of invoking Hitler when complaining about the outraged resistance. Case in point: Tony Makris, the bloodlust-full host of a recently canceled hunting show called Under Wild Skies, inadvertently revealed his intellectual shortcomings (among […]

For Hunt Victims, No Difference Between Monstrous Behavior and Anthropocentrism

I suppose it should come as no surprise that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan would slaughter animals in an effort to ingratiate herself with colleagues and peers. If nothing else, it provides a pretty good indication that she’s among the many who believe that man is entitled to hold dominion over other species. According to […]

In Iowa, Ted Cruz and Steve King to Hunt for Votes by Killing Pheasants

Now that Sen. Ted Cruz has finished reading his favorite book to C-SPAN-watching adult-diaper marketing executives, he can turn his attention to blowing pheasants out of the sky with the ever-loathsome Rep. Steve King. It was nearly two years ago, in December 2011, that petulant Republican presidential candidate Rick “Rooster” Santorum pandered for the drooling […]

Leave Connecticut Deer Population Alone, “Manage” Hunters

A recent study has revealed that Connecticut would benefit from a reduction in the number of humans living in Fairfield County. Without getting into specific numbers, the recommendation is to cull the segment of the county’s human population by the number of hunters therein. In other words, culling Fairfield County’s human population by whatever percentage […]

Prairie Dog Hunt Organizer Feigns Concern About Threats

If one is sponsoring a killing contest, I don’t want to hear him whine in the face of due criticism. Case in point: Mark Chavez, whose Los Lunas, New Mexico, gun shop, Gunhawk Firearms, is sponsoring a competitive prairie-dog hunt, told the Albuquerque-based CBS affiliate KRQE that critics have “talked about our families and blowing […]

Nebraska Wildlife Gestapo Approves Mountain Lion Hunt

Recent news out of Nebraska provides an instructive example of how the drooling class thinks. The state’s wildlife gestapo has issued an execution order for mountain lions, effective at the turn of the new year. The Omaha World-Herald reported last month that “Nebraska’s inaugural mountain lion hunting season next year will put the big cats […]