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Wolves Disembowel Trapper Caught in His Own Trap: A Daydream

Over the weekend, I was alerted to a news story about an Idaho trapper who was injured in an ATV accident. According to the Times-News (Twin Falls, Idaho), “Russ Boley … was out checking traps in the South Hills” when the vehicle tipped over. The Times-News report indicates that Boley “was listed in stable condition Monday afternoon,” […]

Foundation for Wildlife Management Incentivizes Trappers to Join War on Wolves in Idaho

State and federal thugs have welcomed a new aggressor to the Axis of Evil that is prosecuting the merciless War on Wolves in Idaho. Meet the Foundation for Wildlife Management, a group of ruthless evildoers who are offering bounties to trappers who torturously capture and murder wolves in the state’s Panhandle. In an article that […]

Exposed: Animal Cruelty at an Idaho Dairy Farm

I stand, as I write this, at the intersection of despondency and rage – all-but powerless, but for this word-weapon, in the face of a widely ignored holocaust. In my August 24 commentary about animal cruelty at a California slaughterhouse, I lamented the fact that “most people don’t think at all about slaughterhouses until something […]

California Wildlife Official Kills Mountain Lion in Idaho

Assemblyman Jared Huffman, I was pleased to read in the San Jose Mercury News that you are “considering introducing a resolution in the Legislature to remove (Dan) Richards” from the California Fish and Game Commission. Mr. Richards sure is an arrogant bastard, isn’t he? Even after satisfying his bloodthirst, he felt it necessary to let […]