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Exposed: Animal Cruelty at an Idaho Dairy Farm

I stand, as I write this, at the intersection of despondency and rage – all-but powerless, but for this word-weapon, in the face of a widely ignored holocaust. In my August 24 commentary about animal cruelty at a California slaughterhouse, I lamented the fact that “most people don’t think at all about slaughterhouses until something […]

Monday Maul: Animal Abuse and Cruelty at a North Carolina Butterball Facility

When Reuters reported earlier this month that “sewing needles were found in food on four U.S.-bound flights … from Amsterdam,” I was reminded of the good fortune I had back in mid-February to watch a meat-industry lobbyist choke to death at 30,000 feet. My friend Jim (not necessarily his real name) and I witnessed the […]